New Fun in 2017

Our situation changed a little after the new year when my work-from-home privileges were revoked.  I hadn’t done anything wrong – we were just bought out and they consolidated blah blah blah.  Anyway, I had to go into the office five days a week starting in January.

This had some ripple effects as you might imagine.  For starters, I had to start getting up earlier and could no longer give K her morning service :/  AND I had to seriously curtail my femme attire.  Well, I didn’t HAVE to, but I chose to.  Not sure how the new management would have reacted had I shown up in one of K’s delightful dresses!!!

But that didn’t stop me from wearing my now-mandatory double panty ensemble.  And while it was still cold out, I rocked K’s leggings underneath my slacks on a daily basis.  Beneath all the corporate male nonsense I still managed to feel sexy 🙂

K also managed to spice things up for me (for us) by sending me directive texts throughout the day.  She would have me stroke myself (subtly) at my workstation, or go to the restroom to taste some of my pee, or whatever else she felt like having me do.  And, her morning service quickly transitioned into her “after work” service.  She would purposely hold her pee all afternoon just so she could unload on me when she got home 😉

All that is to say, we made it work.  And while we were more committed to each other than ever before, this did not mean we were exactly monogamous.  K would dabble in the dating scene whenever she got that itch, which allowed her to get some alpha action when she needed it.

Then, shit got real!  I had a work party around Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t a Valentine’s theme, but it fell right around the so-called holiday.  Kind of poor planning in my opinion, but whatever.  K never wanted to go to any of these engagements before, but now that I was actually working amongst my co-workers, she wanted to meet them.

Enter Janice into our lives.  Janice was this hardass mid-level executive type that everyone hated.  Everyone, from her fellow executives down to us peasants.  She was so disliked upstairs that she occupied the only office on the peasant wing of our floor.  And, as we have previously established, since she was equally hated by the peasants, no one would set up shop for the day anywhere near her office door. [We have this like open seating arrangement and no one has a fixed workspace.  You just plop down for the day wherever and go from there.]

Except for me.  I didn’t know any better when I first started.  And everyone was already in their little cliques, etc.  So I went to the open space, which was right in Janice’s web.  She was actually pleasant enough with me, but I’m a sissy, so…I’m perhaps not the best judge here.

She would order me around, have me do random shit for her from time to time.  And I would do it.  No hesitating, no questioning.  Just the way she liked it.  I prioritized her over me, and we got along just fine 😉  As far as looks go, she was slight of build — potentially very skinny as far as I could tell.  And she clearly did not understand how to dress herself or do her hair.  Poor girl.

But back to the party.  K and I showed up…and Janice spotted us right away.  She and K made fast friends and chatted chatted chatted the night away.  I would periodically see K lean in for a giggly whisper, which was inevitably followed by an explosion of laughter from the two of them.  Birds of a feather perhaps?  I of course waited on them, refreshing their drinks, etc.

The party began to thin out, and K and Janice were definitely drunk.  Janice announced that she wanted to show us something in her office.  That seemed odd to me, since her office decor was as crappy as her fashion sense.  But I was missing the point.

The door closed and Janice locked the door behind us.  Oh, fuck.  K’s voice brought me back, instructing me to take off my clothes.  I became nauseous and aroused at the same time.  sissy butterflies EVERYWHERE.  Miraculously, my hands remained steady enough and off went my shoes, pants, and shirt.  I was left in a pair of K’s black leggings overtop my double panties.  Overtop my dripping, straining sissy cock.

“I have to pee” was all K said.  I knew what was expected of me.  “First take off the leggings so Janice can see your pretty panties.”  I carefully rolled down the leggings, stepped out of them, folded them neatly, and placed them on Janice’s desk.  I could feel her stare burning a hole in me, at the sight I must have been.  But my focus was on K and her needs.

I stepped over to her, dropped to my knees, moved my hands up her skirt, and removed her panties.  They smelled lovely 🙂  I moved my head between her legs and my mouth gently engulfed her.  “I want to see the stream,” she told me as she pushed my head further down and wrapped her skirt around her waist.

I sat back on my knees and waited, mouth open.  My sissy cock twitched and I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs.  The jet hit me straight in the chin, and I quickly adjusted to gather the rest in my mouth.  It was all muscle memory at that point, and I swallowed it all down.  K grabbed me by the hair and wiped herself with it when she was through.

I was in subspace.  I was ready for anything, and complied when K instructed me to remove my pink outer panties.  Left in only my thong, my balls hung grotesquely out of the right the side.  And though I was super aroused, one could hardly tell I had a cock at all.  Janice appeared right in front of me and cradled my balls before fondling me through my thong.

“she is exquisite, K.”  She circled me, running her fingers through my hair.  “I’ll talk to HR on Monday and have her transferred over to me.”  Her fingers moved below my chin and tilted my head up at her.  “Open,” she instructed.  I assumed she meant my mouth and open it went…just in time for a giant glob of spit (ewwww!!!) to appear between her lips and land…right on my face!  Janice had terrible aim :/

—-Anyhoo — this was February.  We have a lot of ground to cover.  I’ve missed you!!

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morning service

Every morning for me is like a dream come true.  That may sound cliche…and sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but…many days start like this.

K has to be up at 6 to start getting ready for work.  So I’m up at 5:45.  I get her coffee started, take care of any bathroom business I need to take care of, and brush my teeth.  Then I wake her up — with oral sex lol.  And NO, I don’t present my big cock for her to suck on LOL!  I gently crawl under the sheets and position myself between her legs.

She prefers to sleep in pajama pants, so I have to take those, along with her panties, down.  BUT, I start with a gentle tug first.  If she raises her hips up, that is my cue to remove her pants.  If she just lays there not responding, that is my cue to simply lay with her in the spoon position.

I would say four out of five mornings I get to go down on her.  So, when that happens, I then am allowed to slide down her pajama pants along with her panties, spread her legs, and get to work.  Of course, the first thing anyone who has just spent 7-8 hours in bed will really want to do is…pee!  How could K enjoy getting head with a full bladder?  Duh…

So, yes, I take care of that need for her as well.  This was one of the very first super naughty things that K made me do for her way back during the first time we played with this D/s dynamic.  Draining K when she’s in a lying-down position is a little more advanced, but hey, I’m a highly skilled pee drinker!  The main things to worry about are a) not letting any get on the sheets, and b) not letting any drip down K’s ass crack, which really is the same as the first concern.  So what I’m saying is you need to make a tight seal 😉

Gross?  I suppose.  But I worship the ground K walks on.  And I’m a filthy sissy.  So the idea of being allowed to consume K’s “morning nectar” is a complete and utter turn on for me.  It’s just how I roll.

Anyhoo, I take care of that for her, then I take care of her.  Though I don’t see how she could possibly enjoy receiving it more than I enjoy giving it.  Normally I’ll just bring her off once.  Weekends might be more times.  I typically sleep in a double layer of panties, so when I’m going down on her I’m still wearing those.  When my sissy cock is tucked down, the tight fit of the double layer pretty much prevents me from getting a full erection.  And it soaks up my leaky pre-cum.

After her orgasm, she’ll dismiss me and I’ll go get her coffee.  She’ll start sipping it in bed usually, then get up and start picking out our clothes for the day.  She won’t always pick mine out, but she knows I feel more cared for when she does, so….she tries 🙂

I do whatever I can to help her get dressed, then I head over to the kitchen to get her breakfast and lunch (if she wants to bring her lunch in that day) ready.  I’m still in just my panties as she prefers me that way until she leaves.

Mostly I just want to be available to her so she can get out the door on time.  It’s not unusual for her to leave me with a task list for the day.  We kiss and then she’s off 🙂

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Um…where did that year go?

Well?  This isn’t the first time I’ve disappeared.  And I’m sure it won’t be the last.  That’s just how I roll I suppose.  I’m flaky like that.

When we last left off, I had reached a new sissy peak (climax?).  K and I were both deliciously submitted to Dave and, by extension, to Dave’s sister Lindsay.  Unfortunately, Dave and Lindsay had a falling out shortly after my “pitching” experience.  Family stuff, what else?  Lindsay ended up walking out.  She never really lived there, but was more like “staying” there on a quasi-permanent basis.  Chicks…

With such a big disruption to the dynamic, K and I started connecting more — we’re married after all!  We ultimately decided that we wanted to move back into our place (we were renting out our house and were staying with Dave on a…quasi-permanent basis LOL).

We knew life would never quite be the same after what we had put ourselves through, but we also wanted to just give “us” a try, you know?  Keep the kink, but lose all the others.  Well, maybe not ALL the others, but you get the point.

Dave was actually very cool with it (said he was giving us his blessing lol).  I think the thing with his sister really took a lot of the fight out of him.  So off we went…back to where we started.  It’s funny, I was reading my first entries of this blog, and that’s really where we are.

K is our big D, and I am our little s.  And I personally love it, and I think K does as well.  She’s just a natural.  From the moment I planted the seed in her mind about the D/s dynamic, she just ran with it.  Granted, we took a long, long detour with Dave, but in retrospect that really just helped her learn what both sides of the dynamic were all about.

And while it was always my dream to be a D0m-type, that obviously never materialized.  And it’s for the best — it’s just not me!  So then, what exactly “is” me?  Well, I’m whatever K wants me to be, which is currently her femmed-out sissy little pussy cat.  And I love it 🙂

For instance:  I’m sitting here this morning (distracted from my work obviously) in my comfy home, sipping coffee.  I’m wearing one our black thongs, with my sissy cock tucked down as far as I can muster.  Over top of those is a pair of cheekier pink panties — what K wore yesterday to be exact.  I wear two because I like the dual effect – the feel of the thong flossing my ass every time I move, but also the way the cheekies make me feel…naughty I guess lol???

With a tucked-in cock under two layers, it’s nigh impossible to become fully erect.  And there’s added pressure on my balls, which makes me very conscious of how I sit and carry myself.  And since I’m a “leaker” (the slightest arousal causes me to secrete pre-cum), my panties get a wet spot at the very bottom…like my pussy is all wet 🙂

So that’s just my underwear.  On top of those I have gray leggings, thin, but thicker than yoga pants. Up top I have a very thin, very tight white tank.  And overtop all of that is an “autumn dress.”  I love the feeling of tight underneath and flowy outer.  I prefer a shorter dress, but that’s what K chose for me today.  She just got it — we wear a lot of the same clothes.

I maintain smooth armpits, chest, pubic area, and legs — from the neck down essentially.  The leg hair really ruins the effect of the shearer styles of hosiery.  K prefers me bare “down there,” and I just don’t like seeing pit or chest hair in the mirror when I’m checking myself out in some of my more revealing outfits lol.

My workload is pretty normal.  I kind of just get a stack of work and trudge my way through it each day.  Normally I’m done by noon, which allows me time to complete my household chores.  Do you know what I find intoxicatingly hot???  Doing housework dressed in K’s clothes.  Mmmm…

Well this one was kind of a rambler.  I’ll fill you in on some of our “routines” next time around 😉

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Sissy Pitching

This was from this past Saturday…

Lindsay had been not so subtle the last time her sub Gene was over, hinting that I would be taking Gene’s ass.  I just kind of went with it…because that’s what I do…and didn’t ask her to clarify or anything.

The idea rattled around in the back of my head for a couple of days, but ramped back up again Saturday morning when Lindsay informed me and K that we would be playing with Gene later in the day.  Yikes.  I was equal parts turned on, nauseated, and just generally all a-flutter.

I went about my sissy chores in record time, though completely distracted.  Dave naturally didn’t notice because he was ensconced in college football all day.  I did make a point to dust the television while he was watching, affording him the opportunity to call me over…and suck him off lol — a nice way to distract me from my distraction 🙂

So — let me set the scene for you!  Lindsay had Gene on all fours on her bed.  She was on her knees at his head with her strap-on ready.  She moved the tip of the massive cock to his mouth, and he knew what to do.  Kissing and licking gave way to first shallow and then much deeper sucking.  Gene was no novice and strap-on sucking, let me tell you.

K and I were merely bystanding at this point.  Lindsay instructed Gene to put his hands behind his back, which he did.  This shifted part of his weight forward (since his arms were no longer supporting him) and onto Lindsay’s giant cock.  Though he appeared on the verge of gagging, Lindsay grabbed his head by both sides and began ramming his face in earnest.  If she had balls, they would have been slapping the bottom of his chin.  Damn that bitch could fuck!

When she was satisfied, she pulled out of Gene’s mouth and had him stay in position but with his face on the bed — classic bottoms up position 😉  Lindsay then came around and positioned herself at Dave’s rear end.  K and I both knew what was coming next.

As soon as she began her descent into Gene’s ass, Lindsay told me and K to get onto the bed with them…and for K to start sucking my cock!  We were both in our underwear, so I slipped out of just my bottoms not knowing what exactly Lindsay expected of me.

So as Lindsay settled into a rhythmic pounding of Gene’s ass, K had me hard in no time and was now just playing with me.  I of course loved this to no end — K’s mouth (any play with K really) was a special treat 🙂  She seemed to like the open-ended invitation as well.

“Get him nice and hard, K.  Keep him up.  sissy is going to take my place here in Gene’s ass in a minute.  Did you hear that, Gene?  You’re about to get fucked by a sissy.  Does that turn you on?”

Amid the slapping of skin I think we vaguely heard him reply in the affirmative.

“That’s what I thought.  You’re going to become very familiar with sissy’s cock, Gene.  Isn’t that what you want?”  She slapped his ass when he didn’t respond quickly enough.

“Yes,” he finally let out.

“Yes what?”  And so their dance continued…

“I want him to fuck my ass.”

“That’s better.  Except sissy is not a ‘him,’ Gene.  And neither will you be for long.”

I took no offense to Lindsay’s comment.  I consider myself to be closer to girl than boy these days…except for when my cock’s in K’s mouth, that is…mmmh…it’s not as good as her cunt, but it will do!

Lindsay handed K a condom and told her to put it on me.  I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep the erection up (failing miserably at putting on a condom had ruined sexual encounters for me on more than one occasion in the past :/), but K has her ways and kept the good vibrations going.

So now it was my time.  Gene’s ass looked clean enough, hairless anyway.  And it wasn’t the worst ass I’d ever tasted.  As I was thinking through it all I heard Lindsay instructing K to ‘put her in,’ and I offered no resistance as I watched my sheathed cock nestle into Gene’s still-gaping asshole.

I’m happy to report it wasn’t terrible 🙂  Kind of hard to explain I think.  It definitely wasn’t K’s pussy, that’s for sure.  The only things my sissy cock has been in for the past several years are, listed in order of preference:  K’s pussy, K’s mouth, Party Gene’s mouth, and sub Gene’s ass.

It just didn’t give me that feeling of being enveloped like K does.  Don’t get me wrong, I still took pleasure from it, on multiple levels.  I hooked my hands onto his hips and rammed him as forcefully as I could…but I only weigh 140 pounds and have made a conscious effort to reduce my upper body muscle mass, so…yeah.

Going from Lindsay’s massive strap-on to my little sissy cock, I’m not even sure Gene even felt anything lol.  Well, he did feel something.  At some point Lindsay had instructed K to snake her way under Gene’s ample belly and begin to suck him as well.  I think this was Lindsay’s way of getting Gene to associate being assfucked by a sissy with sexual pleasure…but I’m no psychologist 😉

So there we were:  Gene, spent, face down on the bed, ass gaping having been just fucked twice, cock freshly sucked by my wife; K sitting by idly with a mouthful of Gene’s semen; me now back on my haunches, pensively looking at my deflating cock and wondering when the condom would slip off; and Lindsay, happy as a pig in shit for pulling off the scene so well.

Generally cleanup is my gig, but today that honor went to Gene.  First K offloaded into my mouth (which was kind of nice, being able to kiss her and all).  Next Gene rolled over onto his stomach where I first emptied the contents of my condom into his mouth, then went in for our kiss (this was our second kiss like this — the first having been the last time we played).

Gene was much more receptive this time than last time around, so perhaps he was coming around Lindsay’s earlier taunts.  Not sure.  Anyway, he took it like a champ (a sissy champ?).

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a new first on the horizon?

As things with Dave have gotten more relationship-y (actual dates, conversation, full-on mouth kissing!, etc.), things with Lindsay have taken a sharper edge.  It’s not like they planned it, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either.  There is some sort of tension between those two, but I’m not sure if it has always been there or if I’m just noticing it now.  Probably the former, but who knows?

Anyway, the “softer” Dave gets with me, the harder Lindsay gets.  Maybe that’s Dave’s way of trying to even things out, or maybe he’s just content to delegate???  So confusing :/  But I guess in my position it’s best just to go with the flow.

So, a touch of backstory.  Since moving with us this past June, Lindsay has brought home a steady stream of friends to play with me and K.  It’s all over the place in terms of usage.  Sometimes I’m just a sissy waitress.  Other times I’m on the receiving end of spankings and strap-on play.

And though she’s a self-described lesbian, Lindsay will bring home men as well — to torment.  Men like me.  Some cross-dressers, some suits.  It doesn’t seem to be like a paid service or anything…as far as I can tell anyway.  She’ll involve K at times and me at others.  I’ve seen a few men return, but not often.  Until recently.

One dude, Gene (not the same Gene as from The Party), has been a frequent flier as of late. He wears man clothes, but ladies underwear.  She has given him the strap-on treatment on multiple occasions.  Spankings as well.  And she lets him eat our her ass, but not her cunt.

Gene is straight (for now), so as a way of confusing and further tormenting him, she’s had me and K play with him some.  K would start off, getting him aroused, and then I would come in.  The first time that happened, Gene was genuinely put off, but under Lindsay’s threats he didn’t protest and let me jerk him off onto his belly.  And I of course cleaned him up, much to his post-release disgust.

The next time Gene was over, K and I took turns licking his cock while Lindsay rode his face, grinding her ass into his mouth.  She asked him who he would like to finish him off — K or me.  She quickly followed her question with “Carefully consider your answer to this question.”  Gene thought about it and finally blurted out “sissy!”

“Good answer, Gene!” Lindsay applauded.  She dismounted him, instructing me to continue but relegating K to bystander (I don’t think she minded too much lol).  As I tended to Gene, Lindsay geared up the strap-on.  When she was ready, she slid onto the bed behind Gene, then pulled him up onto her lap.  He daintily lowered himself onto her massive cock, slowly, until he was fully seated.  Wow!

Lindsay motioned me to get back to work.  “I want you to grind onto my cock, Gene.  That will also force your cock further into sissy’s mouth.”  He complied.  “That’s it.  Do you see how deep she can take you?  Do you think you’ll be able to take cock that deep?”  Gene didn’t hesitate — the mind fuck was too good.  She was turning him.

“And your ass, Gene — you’re taking 8 inches in your ass!  sissy only has 5, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy her almost as much.”  I looked up.  Gene was completely lost in the moment, but Lindsay’s eyes were locked on mine.

I’d never been the “pitcher” in anal sex before — only the “catcher.”  My prowess (or lack thereof) as a lover has been well-documented, which is partly why I’ve gotten so good with my mouth and hands.  My sissy cock just isn’t built to bring anyone pleasure.  My mind can get so hyper-aroused that my cock can barely get hard sometimes (I cant’ explain it).  And when I’m on top of K, I last 10 pumps tops — just feels too freaking good 🙂

For me the perfect storm required for a successful cock-fucking is to be going for the second or third time of the day.  Only then do I have the stamina to last for any length of time.  But as a sissy, no one really ever plays with my cock.  I’m not complaining — just sayin’.

Anyway, back to Gene — I’m not attracted to men in a sexual sense.  I don’t respond to their bodies like I do women’s bodies.  Women are h-o-t, sexy.  Men, not so much.  Now a man’s cock on the other hand (especially Dave’s), that I can be attracted to.  The power that it can wield, the pleasure that I can bring it.  Yum!

I do enjoy sucking cock, even the cock’s of ugly, nasty men.  And taking it in the ass — same idea.  I’m perhaps confusing in that way…or maybe confused lol…I guess it doesn’t matter which.  But I like what I like.  I like sucking Gene’s cock because I’m being told to.  I would enjoy (maybe) getting having Gene fuck my sissy cunt for the same reason.

But I just don’t see how I can get aroused to the point of being able to cram my alleged hard-on into Gene’s asshole…I guess time will tell.  Though you’ll notice I’m not opposed to the idea — just unsure how I can actually pull it off.

It was not long after Lindsay had fucked both our minds that Gene shot his load into my mouth.  He literally began to shake.  I knew better than to swallow after having been a part of dozens of scenes with Lindsay.  But she had now taken matters into her own hands and began bucking up into Gene now.  I have to give to her — she fucks way better than me.

I sat there watching for what seemed like forever with a mouthful of Gene’s come while Lindsay just pounded away.  I realized after a minute that she was making herself come, which is why she was going so long.  Gene had long since gone limp — body and cock 😉

But Lindsay finally came and promptly shoved Gene off of her.  I knew what was expected next, and without being prompted I crawled over to Dave until we were face to face.  His eyes were gone, but there was a distant flicker of acquiescence somewhere in there as our mouths met.

The kiss was the main thing, I realized. The snowball was incidental, though there was no avoiding gravity I suppose.  I made sure he got the full experience — a long series of deep, firm, tender tongue probing.  By the end he was reciprocating, so I knew my job was done.

Well, that job was done.  There was still the job of taking care of Lindsay’s ass-stained strap-on.  As Gene drifted off, I crawled further up the bed to a waiting Lindsay, who seemed pleased with how the scene played out.  She stroked my hair as my mouth and tongue cleaned her strap-on…

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My favorite type of cuckolding

The first time I met Dave I watched him fuck my wife, K.  He was my first in a sense — cuckolding me.  Later that same weekend, he popped my sissy cherry.  So we was definitely my first in that sense.

The way Dave involved me in my cuckolding is still by far my favorite.  I still remember so fondly how he had me actually licking his shaft and balls while he was inside of K.  So, that’s my favorite — when I get to participate in the act, enhance the act if you will.

Sure, I do enjoy being a fluffer also, don’t get me wrong.  But it’s a little cliche don’t you think?  I mean, I’m already there to watch some dude fuck my wife…and I’m dressed up like a girl…so…of course I’ll suck your cock until you get hard.  Duh.

I guess I just like being close to the action.  Oh, and the clean up lol.  Can’t forget my prize 🙂  Well, the clean up and the look of a used and satisfied K.  So, alright — I love it all!  All aspects of it!  Even when that douchebag that Lindsay brought home this summer wouldn’t even let me watch, let alone join in — I still got aroused at the humiliation of being rejected like that, of being made to wait outside.

Unless they’re using a condom — drinking semen from a condom isn’t great.  I rank it below pee.  There’s just something about the latexy, spermacidey taste that doesn’t agree with me.  But I do it, if for no other reason than that’s what a good sissy does.

Lindsay brings a whole different aspect to it.  With the men, they all like to play on the idea that they are better lovers than I am, that they can satisfy my wife better than I can, etc.  I don’t argue with them, but what I don’t tell them is that they are number like 50 on K’s list by now, and I’ve probably seen at least 10 more impressive performances.  And Dave — no chance they’re better than Dave.

But Lindsay just seems to take K places.  Every time they play, K literally loses it at some point.  Like she’s just gone — in ecstasy.  I don’t get jealous or even feel humiliated — like Dave, Lindsay is just really good at what she does.  So there’s really no comparison to make.  I don’t even belong in the same conversation as those two, so that fact that they let me “help” out is all the more endearing to me.

Oh, and the clean up 😉

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Getting into a sissy routine

So after Lindsay’s Introduction, K and I gradually migrated over to Dave’s place.  We put our valuables in storage and were able to find a renter. Most of the rent income goes to the mortgage, and what’s left over goes to the management company and upkeep, etc.  But it keeps the mortgage going down, so that’s a win for us!

I was able to quite my job (yay!) and become a full-time “homemaker,” sissy style of course 😉  K kept hers, part of which we give to Dave for expenses, etc., and the rest we are able to stash away.  Also good.

Work demands keep Dave and Lindsay out of the house during the workday, the occasional weekend.  Dave will have to travel after Thanksgiving at some point.  K is strictly 9-5, so she’s the most consistent of the bunch.

My day is mostly domestic bliss.  I manage to get out and about almost every day, which is great fun for me being able to be among people…as a woman!  Most people can’t even tell anymore, though some still do.  I still cringe every time I go to the ladies room for fear that I’ll be exposed, but so far that hasn’t happened 😉

I cook, I clean, and manage a fair amount of everyone’s schedules — l-o-v-e it !!!  Most mornings I find myself servicing both Dave and Lindsay before they head out for their day.  My first task is always to drink Dave’s morning offering, which is always quite strong :/

As for sleeping arrangements, generally I’m with Dave and K is with Lindsay.  Dave has grown to prefer the “missionary” position with me before bed, which is very intimate.  It only works if the partner on top is well-endowed, which Dave very much IS.  He could tell I just wasn’t into the mouth kissing thing, so I think missionary was an answer to that.  We’re face to face the whole time, so I really don’t have much choice other than to accept what he gives me.  He’s surprisingly tender and gentle with his mouth, yet firm and driving with his hips.  I get to run my hands down his back and grab his ass, stimulating him with my nails, whispering my moans into his ears.  I’ve worked so much on my groin and hamstring flexibility that he can pin my legs back as far as my shoulders when he wants to really pound me.

I didn’t prefer any of that at all at first, but over time I came to see it as a deeper form of submission to him.  And it’s basically been a nightly thing for us ever since I moved in, so might as well make the best of it, right?!

K and Lindsay have their own routine as well.  They spend so much time together that their cycles have synched up.  I’m only allowed access to K’s pussy when I’m cleaning someone’s semen out (usually Dave’s, but there have been countless others these past few months) or when she’s having her period.  That’s Lindsay’s way of throwing me a bone I think — allowing me to have sex with my wife…when she’s on the rag.  It’s still glorious for me, and I think K has grown to appreciate it as well…even if it’s her least satisfying week of sex every month lol.

K and I have had a parade of partners since we started our new arrangement.  We truly are not in charge of our own bodies.  It’s been pretty equal-opportunity as far as I can tell.  Both Dave and Lindsay have straight, gay, and bi friends; so we are used in all sorts of way all the time.

The one constant is that I get all the semen — every last drop 🙂

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